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San Nicola Dog Rescue Team

All of our team are volunteers - kind people who work tirelessly towards the cause. They are the reason why so many dogs are still with us in this world and now have a wonderful life with their own families.

Our approach is to keep the dogs in the house as pets, together, underfoot, and provide a home-like environment as much as possible. The dogs are usually divided into smaller groups by size, temperament or personal preferences. It is inspiring to watch them heal and find peace in this type of environment, especially those who are timid, depressed or abused. Most dogs love to be in the pack and find it fun and comforting. They interact with each other in very complex ways, play with their favorite playmates, fly across the field, investigate the ranch, gather in the kitchen for the meals, sleep together at night, hide under our chairs during the storm, etc. Hardly ever do they get bored, just sleepy on a rainy day.

Certainly it adds more work to the busy days of our caregivers, but it is so worth it.

Thank you, thank you, dear volunteers! Without you, none of this would be possible.

Ray Trounce

Ray brings years of experience in all kinds of trade - so needed at the ranch. He plans and leads construction and maintenace projects - fixing the windmill, replacing the pipe, building a new fenced area, hanging on drywall, building the kennel, etc. Any job goes faster when Ray makes a joke.

Ray also drives to far ends to get the dogs, order and deliver materials, or solve an unexpected problem. Well, he can't complain, he is a professional driver and long distance is not an issue.

There is no job that Ray would not know or find a way to get done.
Coordinator, transporter, founder

Deidre once said 'we live in a dream'. This is exactly what it feels like. Together we are finally doing what we always wanted to do. Sometimes it is stressful, sometimes it is heart-breaking, and mostly very rewarding. It might be a drop in a sea, but we persist and we do what we can. Our biggest joy is to see our noisy pack all happy and full of energy (or even better - cuddling and asleep at the end of the day).

Board of Directors

rescue board Maria - NY, Global Pre-Sales Engineering
rescue board Leo - NY, Director, Market and Credit Risk at Capital Markets
rescue board Danah - CO, Patents Specialist
rescue board Inna - CO, Integration Services

Dog Rescue Mission

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Peppie's first steps into the world

Zeidi's first steps into the world Introducing Zeidi to the pack

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