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Lacey looked up at the endless night sky of Colorado plains. There was a star for every puppy taken from her and a star for every tear...

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Good bye, sweet angel. You loved the wind, the meadow and the freedom to run, run, run... At least you had a few good years. Will see you on the Other side, Lasenka
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Zeidi was saved by RUFF from a crack house. Thankfully, she really bonded with her caregiver Deidre. The closet in Deidre's room is still her safe place, but now she comes out from there more and more, wags her tail and plays with the other dogs. Lately she even allows us to pet her a little.

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Peppie - someone tried to sell her as a rotweiller puppy and chopped off her tail. She has never trusted people ever since and used to bite and growl at everyone who approached. She still doesn't want to be touched, but little by little her trust is coming back. She was saved by ECC.




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Peppie's first steps into the world

Zeidi's first steps into the world Introducing Zeidi to the pack

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