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Ole Lukoe, husky, male, neutred, 7 yo, 69 lb

Ole Lukoe is a gorgeous husky, friendly, calm and even-tempered. He is charming, unique, and very pleasant to have around. He might take a day or two to warm up, but after a while he gets deeply attached. He is never a bother, might give you a quick kiss but doesn't jump on you. If he wants to be petted, he has a way of approaching you and sitting down, but looking the other direction :)) You just have to know him. Loves car rides. As a husky he cannot be off the leash in unfenced area - he will go explore on his own and will be gone. We ask for a yard with 6' fence and most importantly - a very caring owner. This dog has been to hell and back and needs a stable and safe environment. Adoption fee $325.

Adoption fees go towards all dogs and pay for medical and maintainance expenses. Thank you so much.

dog to adopt
dog to adopt

NOTE: All small puppies need to be fostered-to-adopt until they are spayed/neutered on 10/5 by the rescue at the age of 6-7 months. State regulations do not allow adoptions of unaltered dogs.

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