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A GREAT BIG THANKS all of you who opened their hearts and homes to these dogs and to everyone else who helped them along the way - our volunteers, transporters and rescue organizations. Thank you from all of us at San Nicola!

God bless and keep you safe -

boomer (12).jpg
Boomer, adopted by Cheri in Denver
Tundra, adopted by Layeigh in Federal Heights
Dog For Adoption Hailo (10).JPG
Archer Hail, adopted by Noah in Ft Morgan
kaila2 (19).jpg
Kahlua, adopted by Josse and Raul, Castle Rock, CO, 2018
Oakley3 (9).jpg
Oakley, adopted by Beth and Jonathan in Co Springs, CO, 2018
bobby (8).jpg
Adopted by Gerald - Loveland, Co
laida (19).jpg
Laida, adopted by Sherry and Jack, Aurora CO, 2018
lily (5).jpg
Lily, adopted by Susy and Dwaine in Aurorra
izzy (3).jpg
Adopted by Cindy in Denver
Unique, adopted by Jessica, Lakewood CO
Spartan, adopted by Sierra, CO
Augie, adopted by Alan, Grand Junction
Naomi ,adopted by Dana in Arvada
Billy the kid ,adopted by Phil in Arvada
Little Polar Bear, adopted by Don in Arvada
max (8).jpg
Max, adopted by Joe, CO
Gorgee (25).jpg
Gorgee, adopted by Elizabeth in Aurora
dash (16).jpg
Adopted by Amy, Boulder
mooshoo (35).jpg
Adopted by Samantha, Thornton, CO
sam1 037.jpg
Sam, adopted by Steve and Jennifer
Adopted by Marcie in Longmont, CO
Adopted by Danielle in Denver
tri (5).jpg
Tri, adopted by Virginia in Longmont
london 032.jpg
Adopted by Jamie in Broomfield
willow (1).jpg
Adopted by Kacey in Aurora
Adopted by Meghan and Skyler, Broomfield
dutch (33).jpg
Reunited with the owner
Biggs (1).jpg
Biggs, adopted by Steve in Longmont
jack (11).jpg
Jack, adopted by Shaunna
Little Chi, adopted by a K. and B.
zeke (5).jpg
Adopted by Karee in Aurora
simba (4).jpg
Simba, adopted by Brandi and Evan
Charlie, adopted by Liz in Louisville
Topsy, adopted bu Hugh in Westminster
Dean, sdopted by Amy and Chad
rocky (1).jpg
Rocky, adopted by Marlene
Mandy, adopted by Sandra in Denver
Tilly, adopted by Kami in Westminster
Benjii, adopted by Violet in Aurora
koda (6).jpg
Reunited with the owner
Adopted by Katie in Denver
jammie (6).jpg
Jammie, adopted by John in Boulder
arseni (16).jpg
Adopted by John in Thornton
Adopted by John in Thornton
fang (7).jpg
Fang, adopted by Reginegina Westminster
aster (4).jpg
Aster, adopted by Carolyne in Arvada
lady (9).jpg
Lady, adopted by Will in Denver
Atari, adopted by Joyce in Littleton
troy (47).jpg
Troy, adopted by Jennifer in Denver
Adopted by Katrena in Edgewater
Frazier, adopted by Kyle in Henderson
Hershey, adopted by Thomas in Longmont
alder (20).jpg
Togo, adopted by David in Thornton
lesla (10).jpg
Lesla, adopted by Wendy in Denver
zorro (11).jpg
Zorro, adopted by Naderlay in Lakewood
taylor (9).jpg
Trent and Taylor, adopted by Mary in Westminster
trentTaylor (42).jpg
Adopted by Mary in Westminster
Panda, adopted by Laura in Denver
jake (8).jpg
Jake, adopted by Lexi
Largo, adopted by Amanda in Fortt Collins
Loki, adopted by Lucas in Brromfield
jungle1 (1).jpg
Adopted by Leigh in Boulder
sahara (20).jpg
Adopted by Annel in Golden
alani (15).jpg
Alani, adopted by Griffin in Denver
Kittu, adopted by Jessica in Pueble
Adopted by Virginia in Brromfield
adopted by Beth in Littleton
Paige, adopted by Laurel in Denver
dog adopted from Denver sheleter

Lulu, adopted by Alexandra in Glendale, CO

dog adopted from Denver sheleter

Lexa, adopted by Rochelle in Westminster, CO

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Peppie's first steps into the world

Zeidi's first steps into the world Introducing Zeidi to the pack

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